Tiny spaces are personalized spaces usually smaller than 800 square feet. They have many uses like Sustainable Homes, Personal Offices, Exercise & Hobby spaces, Music & Art Studios, Cottages, Bunkie's, Garden Suites, Hot Tub Enclosures, and more. They can be built on permanent foundations, mobile trailers, or free-standing steel frames.

Tiny homes are designed to be primary living spaces with all the conveniences of a conventional home. They have kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. A tiny room is usually a smaller space designated with a specific purpose (e.g. Personal Office, Exercise & Hobby room, Music & Art Studios, Bunkie's, Garden Suites, Hot Tub Enclosures, etc.)

Simplified living offers a more peaceful lifestyle, with a much smaller (or negative) carbon footprint. The smaller the space, the smaller the monthly expenses! Beat the affordable housing crisis & free yourself from the long-term mortgages associated with conventional homes and regain control of personal finances. A Tiny Space offers you the flexibility that conventual living spaces can't -- if you move properties, take your tiny space with you!

Everything we build is custom. Most of our Clients already have a layout in mind when contacting us. If not, we certainly can suggest a layout after hearing about your needs.

Where will your tiny space be installed? What services are available at the lot? (E.g. Hydro, Water, Sewer, etc.) If you don't have land yet, where do you plan to settle? Have you confirmed with the municipality that you can install and live in your tiny space? What is your budget? Both for your tiny space purchase and the ancillary costs associated with installing it. The answers to these questions are important to both you and us, as they help us better guide you in designing your tiny space.

All our tiny spaces are designed for use all year round and custom tailored to our clients needs. Your investment is dependent on many choices regarding design & finishes. Generally, our smallest tiny space starts at approx. $39,000 CAD and largest starting at approx. $180,000 CAD (applicable taxes extra).

Tiny spaces can be delivered anywhere in North America. The transport of our tiny homes is managed by our team, but is not included in the selling price. We work with a fully-insured specialist so your project will be in trusted hands. Shipping is quoted on an individual basis. Several factors affect the cost of transportation, including the size of the Tiny Space, the distance, and the time of the year.

Simply email us at info@tinyspaces.ca, call or text us at 905-869-2189, and we will set up an appointment to begin an informal, preliminary discussion around your needs. Once everything is ironed out, we will provide a quote for your review. Upon approval of the quote, we will provide a sales contract outlining a payment schedule. Once a signed contract & deposit is received, we will reserve a place in our production calendar.

We specialize in designing & building for people with multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS) and electromagnetic field sensitivities (EHS). We work with a certified building biologist to design a tiny space to meet the unique needs of clients with sensitivites.

The short answer to this question is - it depends on where you want to live in your THOW. Each municipality has its own regulations and bylaws about what it will allow for living in THOWs. We recommend you contact the bylaw department in the municipality and provide the address where you want to park your THOW. SETTLEMENT LANDS & RESERVATIONS - if you are a part of an Indigenous group, you likely have the ability to live in your THOW on these lands without any restrictions. RURAL AREAS - in many cases, you can park a THOW on your own rural property (or friend's or family's). CAMPGROUNDS & RV PARKS - some four-seasons campgrounds offer land for rent or purchase, allowing you to stay full time in your THOW. Check your desired living area to see what's available. TINY HOME COMMUNITIES - associations line Tiny Home Alliance of Canada and Tiny Town Association are working to advocate for creation of tiny home communities, keep checking back on their websites to see any new develops. URBAN AREAS - We recommend you contact the bylaw department in that municipality and provide the address where you want to park the THOW and have a conversation with them.

Most of our clients choose a ductless mini-split for heating & air conditioning. These units can be fueled by gas or electricity. Other options include radiant heated floors, fireplaces, and electric baseboard heaters. In many cases, you can keep your Tiny Space cool in a shaded area with strategically placed fans and screened windows.

WATER FLUSH - our standard toilet option is a standard water flush toilet for where sewer and septic system connections are available. INCINERATING - where sewer & septic system connections are not available, an incerating toilet is an excellent option. COMPOSTING - a high-end composting toilet is also an option for Clients prepared for additional hands on maintenance.

ELECTRICITY - for Clients using traditional electric appliances like a washer/dryer, electric oven, and a hot water tank, we recommend a 100 amp 240 volt electrical panel. PROPANE/NATURAL GAS - where there is limited or no electricity, gas is a good choice for appliances with larger inductive loads (e.g. hot water heater, HVAC, cooking,etc.). SOLAR - for clients wanting to live completly off-grid. Solar power would be used on combination with propane/natural gas. Solar is suitable to power lights, small appliances, and outlets but not for larger appiances.

All of our tiny spaces are designed & built to meet the demands of harsh northern climates. Our tiny spaces are constructed with Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) which are 68% more energy efficient and 300% stronger when compared to conventional lumber framed structures.

Once construction starts, generally delivery is available from one month for tiny rooms and 3-4 months for tiny homes, depending on the complexity of the design & finishes.* The global Pandemic has significantly affected availability and lead times for materials that impact the delivery schedule and unfortunately is out of our control.

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